Alcohol Log - Week 2

The Alcohol Log - Week 2

So week two has finished and there have been some improvement's they are not colossal, but we are not aiming for tee-total straight out of the starting block. I have started talking to my husband in terms of units not drinks or days off and this seems to be having a positive effect as I think he see's it as more manageable to look at reducing units. 

This makes sense, for exmaple if you are used to drinking 5 days a week and you are trying to cut down saying you have to go to four days a week straight away may seem impossible, but how long do you carry on with 5 days a week before you make the plunge to 4?? This could go on forever, but if you are looking at units it is much easier to focus on the small victories. My husbands usual choice of drink of an evening is 4 cans and a bottle or larger  which is 12.1 units  for San Miguel, some times he has 4 pints and has always thought of these options as the same amount of drinking, however 4 pints of Kronenbourg(same strength as San Miguel) is only 11.36 units.

This may not seem like a huge difference but over 5 nights it adds up and gives you a tangible number to symbolise success. As long as the number is going down each week we are winning and that mentality has really helped this week. 

Week 2s drinking consisted of:

Monday       - No Alcohol 
Tuesday      - 4 Cans of San Miguel and 1 bottle of San Miguel                - 12.1 units 
Wednesday - No Alcohol 
Thursday     - 4 pints of Kronenbourg                                                         - 11.36 units. 
Friday          - 4 pints of Stella Artois                                                           - 10.92 units 
Saturday      - 4 pints of Stella Artois + 1 bottle IPA                                    - 12.77
Sunday        - No Alcohol 
Week 2 Total Units = 47.15 (A reduction of 10.77 units on week 1) 

So the positives of this week are that he reduced his units by 10.77 which is fantastic, this is mainly due to him having 1 extra alcohol free day raising it to 3. The only down side was that he didn't do two days in a row. 

Week 3s goals are to only drink 4 days, and to drink 4 pints on those 4 days which should end the week at 45.44 which is only a reduction of another 1.77 units but it is still a reduction. He also has a goal to have two days in a row off. The longer term goal is to get to four normal cans 4 days a week and then 4 lower strength normal cans 4 days a week, but for now it's one step at a time.