Alcohol Log - Week 3 W/E 27th October

Alcohol Log - Week 3 

Week Ending 27th October

So week 3 started off really well, we had a plan the plan was to be a few units short of last week, drink 4 pints on 4 nights of the week. The plan had one major flaw in it in that it did not include drinking on the Sunday, which was the day we went to the wrestling, he was adamant that he would be fine and didn't want to drink at the wrestling as the show started at 5pm and he never drinks that early, I should have known better, I did know better but I didn't want a row and then Sunday came, everyone was drinking so he wanted a drink. I wasn't going to say no as we were out having a good time so he drank 5 days, smashing the plan! Next week is going to be even harder as we are going out Wednesday and staying with family (who are big drinkers) Friday and Saturday :/ My confidence in this is wavering at the moment but I know we will pull it back. 

Monday         -       21/10/2019     -     4 Pints of Kronenbourge    -   11.36 Units 
Tuesday        -       22/10/2019     -     4 Pints of San Miguel         -   11.36 Units 
Wednesday   -       23/10/2019     -     No Alcohol 
Thursday       -       24/10/2019     -     4 Pints of San Miguel         -   11.36 Units 
Friday            -       25/10/2019     -     No Alcohol 
Saturday        -       26/10/2019     -     4 Pints of San Miguel         -   11.36 Units  
Sunday          -       27/10/2019     -     4 Pints of San Miguel         -   11.36 Units 
Total - 56.8 Units (-1.92 on week 1, +9.65 on week 2)