Avoiding Email Offers

Break Free From the SPAM.....

One excellent tip I picked up from Cain Flanders' book 'the year of less' was to tackle my inbox, I had never really thought about the temptations that lurk in my inbox every day but when I actually stopped to think about it, how many times had I clicked through from my emails to buy something that I didn't even know existed 30 seconds prior? 

To many times to count . 

I did a quick search for newsletter deleting software, and in true me fashion chose the first one I found, but none the less it did the job. The website is called cleanfox and it collates a list of all the newsletters you have subscribed to and lets you click each one to quickly unsubscribe. 

In a few minutes I had unsubscribed from 202 newsletters and deleted 714 emails, that is 202 less times per week, even day in some cases for me to be tempted into buying rubbish or chasing an image or lifestyle that has nothing to do with me!
Plus all the time it takes to get rid of them all every day. 

I would recommend anyone with a habit for clicking on the ads give this a shot (click the image to be taken to their website). It is free to use and I have no affiliation with the company, I don't get anything for you clicking my link it is here clearly to help you!