Ways to Make More Money

Making More Money

So on top of saving money I have decided we really need to start making a bit more money, especially if my husband is going to get out of the job that's killing him to do something a bit gentler on his soul (which will ultimately pay a lot less)

I used to run my own jewellery business which made about £10,000 a year profit but I definitely do not have the time or passion for that anymore, I also used to do a lot of online bits and bobs to make money which amounted to around £300 a month at it's peak. 

I am totally out of the loop with the online making money world but I am going to log my exploits as I go and tell you how they work out. 

Textbroker - I have been a member of Textbroker for over 2 years and have made over £600 writing small articles for people on multiple topics. It used to be a good earner and I could find articles to write all the time. If you are a 5 star writer there are still articles on there most of the time but I am only a 4 and have never managed to get to 5 star writer status so there is very little on there recently. However if you are skilled with words then I would still give it a go, it only takes 10 seconds to log in and check every few days.

Rev - This site is great, it is a transcribing and captioning site that pays per minute of the work you are transcribing/ captioning, the rates of pay vary depending on the difficulty of the work and the speed in which it needs to be completed but there is always work available for those who want it, you are rated after each piece of work you complete and the higher your standards the more work you will be able to access.  A great way to make extra money online. 

Qmee - There are a few elements to Qmee, the thing that's makes it unique is that it pays you to click on adds related to the things you search for. So for example if you search for a coat it might bring up a Debenhams advert for woman's coats, you click it, load the site for a few seconds and earn 3-6p. The best way to use it is to use it naturally, it will bring things up quite frequently and not only when you are shopping, and it adds up without you realising. They have also introduced surveys which pay around 50p for a 10 min survey. So far the acceptance rate for the surveys has been high.You can cash out to Paypal, Amazon, Apple, Cafe Nero, Google Play, Pizza Express, Starbucks UK. 

Delayed Flights -  This one might seem like a long shot but I am sure it could be an easy win for some of you. If you have flown in the EU or from an EU country and it was delayed or cancelled causing you to arrive in your final destination more than three hours late you are entitled to compensation of up to £516. Flight-Delayed.co.uk are a no win no fee company that will take your case to the airlines for you, even if the airline has already rejected your claim. They win 98% of cases and have a 5 star rating on trust pilot so you know they are legit, and you only pay if you win. Please let me know how you get on with this one as it could be a big earner, especially for a family as the compensation amount is per person!! 

I will be adding more so make sure you keep checking back for updates.