October - Review

October 2019 - Review 

So the first month of our journey is over, and although we only started it 10 days or so into the month I am already starting to see the benefits, for example today is payday and I had some money left int he bank before our wages went in, that is almost unheard of. Secondly the husband has cut down on the drinking and this seems to be improving his mood, he still has a very long way to go but having started counselling this week I am hoping for much better progress in November. The only thing I have not addressed this month is my weight but I am calling today the start of that journey and will be updating on this from now on. 

So what are the figures for October:

Units Drank - 254.27 
Days off Drinking - 9/31 
Cost of Alcohol - £158.89
Percentage of income paid off Debt - 27.2%
Amount Paid off Debt - £1279.04 (After interest etc £1174.94)

Novembers Goals 
Units - 220
Days off Drinking - 10/30
Cost of Alcohol - £150
Percentage of Income paid off Debt - 20%
Amount Paid off Debt - £680