Purge Step 1 - My Wardrobe

The Purge Step 1 - My Wardrobe

wow wow wow did I underestimate how much time this would take, I decided to get started on the Purge element of the plan today....

I knew I would have to do it in stages, we are a family of three we have lived here 4.5 years and have brought things in boxes from every house we lived in before. The garage is full of stuff, the spare room is full of stuff as are all the cupboards in the house. 

This is going to be hard work! 

I have an assignment due in on Sunday I couldn't spend all day on it so I took breaks every hour or two and did a bit, I think my wardrobe alone took me 3 hours! 

As you can see it was over flowing, the drawers are actually damaged from being over filled and me constantly pushing things down to force them shut. The door on the right is my partners work clothes that's why it is shut in these pictures.

In my wardrobe there were a total of 157 items of clothing, once my three hours were up I had reduced that number to 108 Items and ensures everything had a place, I even managed to make space to store my wedding memory box which has been on the floor in the spare room since the wedding 2 weeks ago. 

The items I got rid of included:

2 x suit jackets, 1 x cardigan, 17 x dresses, 3 x skirts, 1 x swim suite, 3 x pairs of shorts,18 pairs of pants, 2 x bras, 2 x pairs of jeans.

As you can see it has made a huge difference and I have organised my wardrobe into dresses on the left and tops and skirts on the right. In the drawers I have underwear on the left, swimsuits in the middle, gym clothes on the right, jeans and trousers in the bottom left and pyjamas in the bottom right. 

In total I have purged 31% of the clothing in my wardrobe (49/157 items

What I have left in my Wardrobe

9 Skirts - 2 Maxi Dresses - 5 Cocktail Dresses - 3 shirt dresses - 14 dress - 5 top  - 4 shirts - 1 cardigan - 3 jeans - 3 black leggings - 1 grey leggings - 1 navy leggings - 1 black work trousers - 3 PJ Bottoms - 1 PJ set - 1 Night Dress -  swimsuits - 3 denim 3/4 jeans - 1 gym shorts - 1 camisole - 2 gym top - 1 sports bra - 10 black tights - 18 pairs of pants - tan tights - 4 bras - 1 sun hat - 1 pair of flip flops - Wedding Shoes. 

As you can see I still have plenty of clothes and I still have a chest of drawers to sort out tomorrow.