The Purge Step 2 - My Chest of Drawers

The Purge Step 2 - My Chest of Drawers

So this actually turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be, a lot of the items on top of my chest of drawers live elsewhere in my house so I sorted them out into their homes and will include them in the purges of their respective areas. The items in my drawers have already been dramatically reduced in recent months as it's where I keep most of the clothes I never were so I do periodically chuck things from there.  

The make up box on the top was a disaster zone as my son had gotten in it a while back and I have barley looked in there ever since. However this made it a lot easier to get rid of things in the box as I clearly don't miss any of it. 

There were 11 mascaras in this box and this box doesn't actually contain the make up I use it's essentially spares, I didn't throw things out unless they were no good so I have way more than I need but at least I will not need to replace anything for a long while! 

In total there were 176 items in the drawers and the box on the top and I have got rid of 68 which is a total of 38% . Adding this to part 1 of the purge  I have gotten rid of 117 items and a total of 35% 

So unlike my wardrobe my chest of drawers are now pretty much empty and I am not sure what to put in them. My natural reaction to this would be that I clearly need new clothes but I know that is not true. I am sure while I am purging the rest of my home I will find a good use for this space.