The Purge Step 3 - The Husbands Clothes

So out of the blue today I managed to get the husband on board to sort his clothes out, it turns out he was right he doesn't have as much as I thought he did but he still did have a lot of things he didn't want or need, including two pairs of trainers that were so trashed he has been keeping them in the bottom of his chest of drawers for probably 3 years, as he could never wear them again. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos before I started but in brief he threw or donated 44 things and kept 105 things meaning he has purged 29% of his items.

In total we have kept 321 items out of 482 meaning we have purged 161 items 33%. 

So what did he keep:

1 x pair of trainers 
1 x pair of slippers 
2 belts 
15 x pairs of boxers
38 x pairs of socks 
7 x pairs of jeans 
4 x training shorts 
5 x smart shorts 
7 x Jumpers 
10 x smart t-shirts
14 x casual t-shirts 

His smart clothes and work clothes are kept elsewhere so they will be included once we get to that room! We also found a few of my t shirts hiding in his clothes so I have updated my list to include those.