The Purge Step 4 - The Bathroom

The Purge Step 4 - The Bathroom

So this was by far the most satisfying room to purge, it has been driving me mad for ages, but my reluctance to be wasteful has meant I have kept hold of things well past their shelf life (not that I really think body lotion needs a use by date).

I was so tempted to tidy up the area before posting the before picture but I didn't want to sanitise the reality of what I was dealing with, I have to say though that this isn't how I would traditionally leave my bathroom but this is how I found it today. 

There were 156 items in my bathroom, the majority in this little section, the only things not visible are 10 bath towels in an ottoman, and our toothbrushes and soap on the sink. 

The numbers in this little space were crazy! Including 6 more mascaras on top of the 11 mascaras that were in my Bedroom and 12 bottles of body lotion, all in all we got rid of 51 (33%) things leaving 105. 

Adding this to the totals from step 1 - the wardrobe, step 2 - The Chest of Drawers, and Step 3 - Husbands Clothes we have kept 426 items out of 638, we have disposed, donated or sold 212 items (33.2%)

Here is the result

Much Better!!


  1. I love the idea of purging spaces to make them fresh, clean and organised. I plan on doing something similar in November.

    1. You should do it, it is so therapeutic and really makes you appreciate what you have xx


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