The Purge Step 5 - The Spare Bedroom!!

The Purge Step 5 - The Spare Bedroom!!

Day 1 - Work in Progress 

So I don't know why I ever thought I would be able to do the spare bedroom in one day, this was clearly impossible but at least I have started, this picture is the mess I was starting with and as you can see from a home organising stand point it is an utter failure, the cot if full of stuff I have been meaning to get rid of, underneath the bed is full, the wardrobe is full, the chest of drawers half in shot on the right are full and broken, and there is another chest of drawers broken round the corner. Both sets I have been meaning to restore but I really don't think I have the skills required :(. 

The photo doesn't do it any justice as you can't see half of the stuff held in this space. 

The craziest thing about this space is that in the little plastic drawers alone there were 457 items, including a ridiculous 45 note books and 158 Biro's now I won't throw things out that are useful unless I have some idea of where to donate them so I ended up keeping 131 Biro's which is going to skew the figures for this room a bit. I find somewhere they will go to good use I will get rid of a few more.  

In the plastic boxes and the wardrobe which is as far as I got today there were 513 things, of which I binned, donated or listed to sell 165 items leaving 348. This means I got rid of 32% which is way better than I expected and a bit of a recurring number for The Purge so far. Adding this to everything I have purged so far we have removed 377 items from our home or 32.75%.

I can't get over how constant those numbers are across rooms. It makes me think there is something stopping me getting rid of more than that. 

Keep your eye's peeled for the continuation of this room as it's going to take a while.
Back to it tomorrow......

Day 2 - Getting there slowly!

So after another full day working on the spare room I would say I am about two thirds of the way through it all, I am so proud of the progress I have made and the amount of things I have lined up for donation, I have been listing as I go so, I have had people calling round to collect things throughout today and have so far donated a cot, blow up baby bath, bath mat, door safety catches, loads of toys, and a curtain rail, I have loads more things listed to give away and some listed to hopefully sell and I have two bags ready to go straight to the charity shop. Whatever doesn't sell or get picked up will also go to the charity shop. Here is a picture of my donation / sale pile.

I still have under the bed to do and Two boxes of toys and a big bag of clothes which should have been collected by one of these pay per weight companies ages ago but they never turned up. I think I should be able to get that done either during the week this week, or next weekend. So once I have done the on suite (which will take 5 minutes) and my son's room (which will take a lot longer) I will have completed the upstairs! 

So for the figures - On day two I kept 20 things and got rid of 74 which is a whopping 79% 

So  adding that to the previous totals we have purged 451 items out of 1245 items making our total purged items 36.2% :) 


  1. I find these sorts of posts (and days) so satisfying. I recently had a huge clear out of things when I switched my summer and winter wardrobes back around. I dropped two big sacks off at charity shops today too!

    1. It is a great feeling isn't it, this room will take a while to complete as I can only do it on the weekends but it will be the best when it is done. I also have a plan to complete 365 random acts of kindness for the first year of my marriage so all the things I am giving away will help with that :)


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