The Purge Step 6 - 5 year old's bedroom!

Purging a 5 year old's Bedroom!

Not as painful as I was expecting

So today we purged my son's bedroom, and for a 5 year old he was very sensible about the whole thing, he was happy to get rid of things, in fact it was probably harder for me when he wanted to get rid of things I though he should keep. But he did it and he did it well. I should add that most of his toys are in the living room and his den (the cupboard under the stairs in the living room), but in his room are all his clothes, a tent full of teddies and his books, so that is what we were working through today. 

My Son decided to get rid of:
πŸ’œ 2 pairs of swim shorts  πŸ’œ1 pair of shorts πŸ’œ 2 pairs of trousers πŸ’œ 3 Pyjama tops πŸ’œ
1 Sun hat πŸ’œ 1 Polo Shirt πŸ’œ 1 Rain Suit πŸ’œ 2 Jumpers πŸ’œ 1 Shirt πŸ’œ 1 T Shirt  πŸ’œ 6 pairs of pants πŸ’œ 16 Teddies πŸ’œ 1 Money Box πŸ’œ 36 books πŸ’œ
So a total of 74 things! 

He decided to keep:
πŸ’› 1 x PJ Sleep Suit πŸ’› 2 x PJ Shorts πŸ’› 9 x PJ Tops πŸ’›3 x Swim Shorts πŸ’› 9 pairs of shorts πŸ’› 5 pairs of trousers πŸ’› 2 sets of suspenders πŸ’› 10 school shirts πŸ’› 2 school shortsπŸ’› 2 PE shorts πŸ’› 2 PE Tops πŸ’› 2 Pairs of Football socks πŸ’›1 x Rugby Kit πŸ’› 4 Shirts πŸ’› 10 Jumpers πŸ’› 5 Hoodies πŸ’› 1 Tie πŸ’› 1 Towel πŸ’› 29 T Shirts πŸ’› 32 TeddiesπŸ’›πŸ’›22 pairs of pantsπŸ’›28 pairs of socks πŸ’› 2 pairs of glovesπŸ’› 26 books πŸ’› 1 Spyro statueπŸ’› 1 Superman Light πŸ’› 3 Money BoxesπŸ’›
A Total of 215 things! 

So in total he got rid of 26% of his belongings which for a 5 year old is pretty fantastic. 

Adding this to all of our previous totals we have now gotten rid of 525 out of 1534 things a total of 34.22% of our belongings!