365 Random Acts of Kindness

365 Random Acts of Kindness 

I got married on the 27th of September 2019 and to celebrate I want to conduct 365 random acts of kindness in the first year of our marriage, I am sure I won't be able to conduct 365 different random acts of kindness but I will try to do as many different things as possible so to get into the spirit of things I have conducted the following list of ideas.

These don't need to be things that will cost money, the simplest thing can make the biggest difference to someone else's life, a smile, a compliment, a hand with the shopping can really make someones day. So if you want to join my on this journey let me know in the comments and let's see how many people we can make happy in the next year!

Acts of giving Money

This can be done in many ways, you could leave money on a vending machine, you could pay for someone else's order at a restaurant or coffee shop. Or you could simply donate money to charity. Another nice way to do this is to buy your server/waiter a coffee or desert to show appreciation for the job they do. If you want to be a bit more creative you can hide money in unusual places with little notes attached. I read a nice story about a woman who found an inspirational note and £5 in the inside zip pocket of a bag she bought at Tesco. What a lovely surprise that would have been.

1. Leave money on a vending machine for someone
2. Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant.
3. Donate money to charity 
4. Buy ice cream for a child 
5. Pay for someone's library fees 
6. Leave your waiter a generous tip. 
7. Pay for someone's Dry Cleaning 
8. Buy your waiter a desert
9. Buy the person behind you's shopping 
10. Pay for someone's coffee 
11. Pay for someone's bus fare 

Acts of creating

If you have a skill for baking, cooking, gardening, or whatever else it might be there will always be someone in need that could use your services. An elderly neighbour might be struggling to cook the nutritious meals they would like, and batch cooking a load of cottage pies or pasta bakes would take no time a tall to someone able, but could ensure nutritious easy to heat up meals for someone for weeks. These foil trays are great for making single portions in the oven that can go in the freezer once they are cooked. If you are in the UK click on the picture, anywhere else in the world click here

1. Bake cookies or cakes for the elderly or neighbours.
2. Cook dinner for a local family. 
3. Batch cook for someone in need. 
4. Plant a tree
5. Prepare a meal for your family 
6. Send Valentines Cards/Notes to people. 
7. Make someone breakfast in bed. 

Acts of giving your time

This is the area I am struggling the most with, not through lack of wanting but through genuine lack of time, I work full time with 16 hours of commuting on top of it, however I still try my best to do what I can and am hoping as work settles down in the future I will have more time to give. 

1. Serve at a homeless shelter 
2. Do a charity fun run and raise money for a good cause 
3. Volunteer at an animal shelter 
4. Volunteer at a charity shop 
5. Go Litter picking at the beach or in your local park.
6. Shovel the snow for a neighbour 
7. Walk a neighbours dog
8. Babysit for free. 
9. Take a new neighbour / Colleague for a tour of the area.
10. Wash someones car
11. Help out at a local farm. 
12. Mentor / Tutor someone for free
13. Spend time with your grandparents.
14. Pack a lunch for someone for the next day
15. Rake the leaves or cut the grass for a neighbour 
18. Tutor a struggling student 
20. Make Hats / Scarfs for the homeless 
21. Wash your neighbours dog 
22. Reconnect with an old friend 

Acts of general niceness 

One really nice thing that I have done is to write encouraging notes to your colleagues, now if you work in retail or a factory etc this may be difficult to do anonymously but if like me you work in an office environment it just requires you to be a little sneaky and get into work either really early or stay really late so you can put the notes on people's desks. I used little heart shapes postie notes and a sharpie to tell people what I thought was fab about them.  Click on the images to get your own supplies in the UK or Sharpies here and Postie's here  anywhere else in the world.

1. Let someone go in front of you in a queue 
2. Give someone a compliment 
3. Write letters to soldiers 
4. Write positive notes for your colleagues or for strangers. 
5. Donate your old clothes to Charity 
6. Hold doors open for people
7. Help someone carry their shopping 
8. Learn a few phrases in different languages to speak to different people.
9. Help someone cross the street 
10. Take a photo for a couple 
11. Hold the lift/elevator for someone 
12. Write a kind note for a waiter on a napkin 
13. Let someone else pick what to watch on TV 
14. Don't complain all day long 
15. Write a list of things you love about a friend/family member 
16. Spread some positivity online 
17. Give up your seat on a bus 
18. Offer someone your pen 
19. Lend someone a book/movie/album 
20. Take younger siblings out to play 
21. Make hot chocolate for your family 
22. Practice gratitude 
23. Write someone a poem
24. Give someone a lift home (someone you trust)  
25. Compliment a stranger

Acts of giving gifts

I am not a fan of meaningless gifts or gifts for the ceremony of giving gifts, such as birthdays and Christmas when you 'have ' to buy gifts, however if you think someone really deserves a gift or they really just make you happy then buy them a gift that really shows you care. Make sure you put some thought into it. Gifts should come from the heart and when done correctly are an amazing act of kindness. 

1. Buy Flowers and hand them out on the street 
2. Buy a cinema ticket for the person behind you in the queue 
3. Buy a Thank you gift for a teacher. 
4. Bring cakes into work. 
5. Participate in Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 
6. Send care packages to a soldier abroad 
7. Make craft boxes for children's hospitals 

So hopefully this post will have given you some inspiration for ways in which you can spread kindness in your world, why not take up the challenge with me and aim for 365 random acts of kindness, together we can make the word a kinder place :)