Alcohol Log Week 4 (W/E 3rd November)

So as you know last week's alcohol consumption wasn't great with an increase in the units for the week and the days of drinking. I can't say I was impressed but it has highlighted a need for better planning around the week and looking ahead at what we have planned and what days will be impossible to avoid.

This week looked like it was going to go the same way as the husband drank on Monday (11.36 units) which was not in the plan, he wanted to drink on Tuesday but I put my foot down and after a bit of a sulk he got over it. The reason I insisted was because we were going to the cinema on Wednesday and I knew he would want a drink then.

He did drink on Wednesday and unfortunately went a bit over board as he had four bottles in the cinema and 4 pints when we got home :/ (17.96 Units) this is the heaviest night of drinking he has had in a looong time and he seriously regretted it the next day.

However he still insisted on drinking on Thursday, originally I said no way as we were going to visit family on Friday and Saturday night and there is no way he would be able to stay sober when visiting family. In the end we decided to stay home on Friday so he wouldn't drink and could have a drink on Thursday (11.36 Units).

After the full on Thursday there was no way he would even ask to have a drink on Friday and considering Friday has always been a tricky day for him he did really well.

Saturday he went out with his parents which is always a tricky one but he chose to buy weaker small cans  for back at the house which is positive, I was in bed when they all got home, I don't know what time it was as I fell back to sleep really quickly. I woke up at 2am and found I was alone in bed, I thought it was game over at that point but I went down stairs and the husband said he was suffering with heartburn (he left his medication at home) and that he was just trying to drink some water slowly before he came up to bed. 

I was concerned about how much he would have drank being up so late but he seemed pretty sober. I didn't ask at the time as it would not have been appreciated, but the next day he said he had 4 pints or Carling and 2 small cans which comes in at (12.1 Units) now I know that's more than he should be having but considering he was out with his parents this is a huge achievement so I am really proud of him.

On the drive home on Sunday he asked if he could have a few can's tonight, I told him that he would end up on 60+ units for the week and that seemed to do the trick in motivating him to abstain. I don't think he wanted to let the readers down :-). 

The Figures:
Week 1 - 57.92 Units
Week 2 - 47.15 Units
Week 3 - 56.8 Units
Week 4 - 53.25 Units  

So overall this was his second best week so far, the numbers are going down, he did super well on week two but the overall trend is still down. We have nothing planned for the next few weeks and the school holidays are over, I am back to work so things should be a bit easier going forward so I am hoping to make a dent in those numbers. Onward and downwards!