Alcohol Log Week 5 (W/E 10th November 2019)

Monday - Despite my sound advice the Husband decided to drink on Monday, I always feel drinking on Monday is a recipe for disaster as it's starting the week badly. However he insisted it would be fine and had 4 normal sized cans instead of pints to show good willing - 8.8 units

Tuesday - I tried to convince him not to drink but clearly didn't do a good enough job and he ended up having 4 pints - 11.36 units.

Wednesday - Repeat of yesterday, wouldn't listen to me, went and bout 4 pints, at this point I thought the week was going to be a disasater and I was getting a little bit cross with him to say the least - 11.36 units. 

Thursday - The standard sulking and asking to have a drink , I put my foot down again and he didn't, after that settled he was fine. It didn't help that I had 4 cans of Carling in my car from the weekend that he could have easily gone and got, usually by half 9 when he knows the shops are shut (We live in the country side) he is fine because the option is gone but all this week the option has been there. 

Friday -  By some miracle he managed a second day without drinking which seriously helped balance the disastrous start to the week. 

Saturday - He bought 4 pints as planned, but then took two of the cans out of my car so ended up having 4 pints and two 440ml cans. The upside to this is that he felt awful int he morning and really guilty and has realised that his body just cannot hack it anymore and that 4 pints is his limit. -14.88 units

Sunday - Hungover, no drinking . 

The Figures:
Week 1 - 57.92
Week 2 - 47.15
Week 3 - 56.8
Week 4 - 53.25
Week 5 - 46.4

Next week he has vowed to have 3 nights of 4 pints and 1 night of 4 pints of Carling with wiggle room to have the two Carling's that are left over, that will put him a few units short of this week. Then we need to start looking at either reducing the size of the cans, the strength or the number of days again.