Alcohol Log Week 6 (w/e 17th November)

Normally I keep this up to date as the week goes on but I haven't been to well this week so I haven't been doing it so there isn't much narrative to go with it. 
Here are the figures for the week:

Monday - 0 units 
Tuesday - 11.36 units 
Wednesday - 11.36 units 
Thursday - 0 units 
Friday - 11. 36 units 
Saturday - 11.36 units 
Sunday - 6.1 units
Total - 51.54 units 

So not the best week, only two days off and not in a row, an increase on the previous week but still the third best week so far so it's in the middle really.
We really need to get to consistently under 50 units and only 4 days to show some real progress. 

My husband is due to go back to work next week which is going to make it really difficult to continue making progress so I am hoping this week will be better so he gets a bit of a head start before returning to work. 

Fingers crossed, and sorry for the lack of posts this week I am hoping I will have a bit more energy the rest of the week :) 

The Figures:
Week 1 - 57.92
Week 2 - 47.15
Week 3 - 56.8
Week 4 - 53.25
Week 5 - 46.4
Week 6 - 51.54