Alcohol Log Week 7 (w/e 24th November)

Monday was my husbands birthday so he had 4 pints of San Miguel, I was working so we didn't do anything to celebrate unfortunately but I am still glad he didn't use it as an excuses to drink to much.
Units - 11.36 

Tuesday he decided to drink  because I was working from home the next day, I am not entirely sure what the correlation is but I am guessing it is because I would be around to help with our son in the morning so he can stay in bed a bit longer. The plan for the rest of the week is to have Wednesday and either Thursday and Friday off and to have one of his other drinking days as 4 normal cans, fingers crossed he keeps to it.

Units 11.36

Wednesday - My Husband's Grandfather got diagnosed with Lung Cancer today, he is 99 and otherwise fit as a fiddle but they won't treat the cancer as the treatment would probably kill him, so it's just a matter of waiting it out now. He is obviously devastated, his Grandfather is so important to him and is just such an amazing person. His automatic reaction to the news was to drink which was disappointing but I couldn't bring myself to argue with him to much.

Units 11.36 

Thursday - Finally a day of no drinking

Friday - Friday was a planned day of drinking I was hoping he would give it up due to drinking on Wednesday but as we were due to watch the wrestling he didn't  I just couldn't get through to him this week. It didn't help that his work rang at 9pm to tell him he needed to be in at 07:30 and that they had written a rota for him for his return to work, without discussing it with him.  He got really stressed out and so did I to be honest, he has been off with anxiety for three months and they are already stressing him out before he's even gone back. I am dreading next week. I am just hoping the fact that he has to be up in the mornings will help him with the drinking more than the stress of being back will hinder him. Wishful thinking I know.
Units - 11.36

Saturday - After being stressed out yesterday he decided to drink with the absolute promise that he would have tomorrow off. This weeks been a disaster!

Units - 11.1

Sunday -  So this week was a total disaster - although he chose to drink less today he still drank much to my despair.
Units - 7.04 

Total Units for the week - 63.58 

Officially the worse week in 6 weeks, I guess there will always be ups and downs but I can't help feel really down about this week. He goes back to work tomorrow so that's going to be make or break for him, fingers crossed it will go well. I can't handle another week like this week. This week also totally messed up the chart, the trend line was nicely going down now it's hardly a gradient at all. I am really hoping this week will be better :(