Mindful Christmas Presents - Part 2 - Personalised Gifts

If you saw my first Meaningful Christmas Presents List you will notice that most of the gifts wouldn't allow the joy of unwrapping Christmas presents on Christmas morning, except from potentially a gift card. So I decided to make this part about gifts you can watch them open.  Now there is still no plastic tat in this list, they are all personalised items that should mean something to the child, so obviously only buy them if it fits the child in question, no point buying a personalised Chef's hat and Apron for a child who hates cooking now is there. 

Personalised Arm Chair - This one is something I really wish I had saw before setting up my son's den (cupboard under the stairs) for him a few weeks ago, we spent £30 on a rather plain boring bean bag, and now for the purpose of this article I have found the most gorgeous personalised child sized armchair, for the seriously sophisticated little person in your life, or a movie buff.  At only £44.99 at the time of printing it would have been well worth the extra money and you still have a good few weeks to order in time for Christmas delivery. The chair comes in different colours and the text can be in different colours and font's and obviously will say your name of choice. It even comes gift wrapped! 

Star in your own book! - This one is great for readers and non readers alike, Mum and Dad can have all the fun of revealing that the story is about them or watching them find the surprise. There are tonnes of stories to chose from, from pirate adventures to princess parties, whatever your child is in too there is bound to be a story available that put's their dreams down on paper.  Not only are there adventure stories but there are really sweet books about new babies joining the family, Mummy's and Daddy's, potty training and loads more. 

Matching Chef's Aprons -  these come in Mummy and Child and Daddy and Child options as well as option's that don't specify the relationship or gender so there should be an option available for any master chef duo's in the making. Some of them have fixed text but some are completely customisation so if you would rather be the sultan of the kitchen instead of the King that's totally cool, you do you! 

Personalised Toy Box - This one is a great gift for kids who already have too many toys, not only will it give them somewhere to store their toys, it will give them a sense of ownership and it is wood so no nasty plastic involved.  It comes in different colours and you can chose the wording, the shapes and the font to make it truly personal.

Name Necklace - This one is only suitable for an older child, once they are old enough to know not to talk to people in the street etc, or you could give it to a younger child with a positive word on such as 'courage' or 'wisdom' to inspire them throughout the day. This particular one comes in Gold, Silver, White Gold or Rose gold which is really pretty, but there are loads of different ones on the market with different styles and fonts so your bound to find one that's perfect. 

Personalised Harry Potter Bookmarks - Now these are obviously for older children who read and big harry potter fans. Not only can you put the child's (or Adult of course) name on the bookmark, you can also chose which class they will be in. Perfect for any Potter buff!

Hollywood Hall of Fame Star - This is perfect for any budding superstars you have in your life, not only will it show that you have faith in them that they can achieve their dreams but it will also provide inspiration every day to follow their dreams, you can hardly quit with this hanging on your wall can you. Talk about visualising your dreams, believe and achieve. 

Personalised Diary - Traditionally a girls gift but I would seriously consider buying a diary of some description for any children in your life, they are so useful for children to help work through their feelings and emotions in a safe space. Boys in particular need all the help they can get to express themselves and diaries are a great tool to help with that, and what better diary to get than one with their name on, this one comes in tonnes of colours and designs and can be printed with their name or any text you like so you could put a mantra or some inspiration on the front instead, whatever suites the recipient. 

I hope this list has given you some inspiration and ways to avoid the plastic tat this year, don't forget to check out my first post on this subject here, and if you have any ideas to add to the list feel free to drop them in the comments or message me on twitter @breakingfreefam and whatever you decide to buy or not buy this Christmas, remember the best gift you can ever give is your love and your time! 


  1. I love the idea of personalised gifts! This year, my theme for presents is food so I'm personalising a couple of things and making hampers for people closest to me, complete with baked goods < but this is only because I have some extra time on my hands ♥ I hope it goes down well! x

    1. I am sure it will go down really well, I have always found food gifts and hand made gifts go down really well, it will show that you have put thought and effort into the gifts and not just bought any old tat :) x


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