Over Eating / Weight Loss Starting Point

So I always thought I struggled with my weight but looking back I didn't really I was just obsessed with it, I was always on a diet through my 20s of some sort despite only being 10-11 stone on average, I went down to 8.7 stone at one point which according to BMI is a healthy weight for my 5 foot 5 frame, but with my 30HH Chest at that time, the rest of me looked like a twigglet, I once got pulled aside by a lady I worked with who promptly told me 'If you lose any more weight you will topple over'. I didn't take any notice I still thought I was fat! At that point I was a size 6, but although I was a size 6 I wasn't healthy by any means, I lived on 1000 calories a day, mostly made up of weight watchers ready meals - which have improved massively since then but at that point in time were full of salt, and I did no exercise. So I looked good on the outside but my insides were probably screaming. This is an awful photo but's it's the only one I could find that shows how little I was. 

Fast forward a few years and I got a job in a Gym, this was the best time in my life for health and fitness I was around 10.5-11 Stone, but I was fit, I ran 6 days a week, I had a personal trainer (at mates rates) 4 times a week, I used to Box and go to Spin class and core class, it was easy I worked there, I could go on my lunch and before and after work. I also had a great social life there I loved the members and used to hang out with them for coffee during work it was fab. I also met my now husband (for the second time) when he joined. This is the point I would like to get back to, the photo here I am probably loser to the 10 stone mark but I was only 21, I am 32 now so would be happy with 11.5 stone as my ultimate weight goal, as long as it's a toned 11.5 stone.
Since then I had my son, when I got pregnant I was 11.5 stone, when I gave birth I was 16 stone. After giving birth I was 15.7 stone, he is 5 now and the lightest I have been since then in 14 stone (well 13 stone 13 for once glorious day). I have fluctuated for ages between 14 and 14.7 stone but have been creeping up lately and last weeks average weight was 14 stone 11.2 so that is my starting point. Naturally the more weight I put on the less full length photo's there are to find of me because I am really good at taking a slimming selfie! This was taken about a year ago at a friends Wedding and you can see how much more round my face is ad how chunky my arms look , but what you will never see it my c-section stomach as it's always hidden under A-Line Dresses!  That is the main thing I want to work on, I know it will never be the same but I think I can improve it. What you will also see is how handsome my husband is! 

So I need to get a grip, I am not going to start 'dieting' as I don't think that's a long term solution, but I am going to try and change my eating habits to focus on healthier meals and less bad snacking, and I have already banned service station food and take away coffee which should help. I am going to start really focusing on my training, I want to be strong so I have started weight training, I know that will make weight loss a bit trickier so I will also be tracking my measurements and my body fat. My fit bit app gives me an average weight for each week so I will be using that to track progress as my weight fluctuates quite a bit so I think doing a set day a week won't give me the data I need. So every Sunday I will log my average weight for the following week. 

So my starting point is:
Average Weekly Weight - 14 stone 11.2 
Average Weekly Body Fat - 42.2%