Purchases that had to be made!

Purchases that had to be made!

So as expected that have been some purchases that we have had to make outside of the budget, some are from the approved shopping list, some are to replace broken items and some are things that we hadn't considered but deemed essential. I am going to list them here to keep myself accountable and if you think I am wrong in purchasing these items then let me know in the comments. 

Item 1 - A 10.5 tog single duvet 

My son kept getting cold at night, I guess I could have got him lots of thicker pyjamas but it made more sense to me to get him a thicker duvet. These range from £20-£40 normally but I picked one up for £14.99 reduced, I think we are really going to have a cold winter this year which we haven't had for a while so it will be well used, I have kept his 4.5 tog for next summer.

Item 2 - A Single Bed 

My Son's bed broke! I can't believe it, it is only 2 years old and both sides of the frame snapped, it is faux leather so it can't be fixed without ripping all the fabric off so this time we got a wooden frame, this is an absolute bargain from Amazon only £59.99 at the time of publishing, due to the price we didn't have to take any money from the savings which is a big bonus. 

Item 3 - Boots 
I only own one pair of boots that I wear for work and most of my casual time, I go through so many pairs of boots it doesn't seem to matter what style, brand or price I pay for them, they always break within a couple of months it drives me crazy. I haven't decided what ones to get yet but here are some of the options I am considering, as you can tell I have a style. Short Black boots with a small heel.