Debt Update January 2020

So it has been a bad month for us and I have been on a bit of a self destruct ride for the last few weeks. I have spent loads of money eaten loads of rubbish food, not been looking after my mental health. It's just been bad all round. 

However I am going to try not to dwell on the damage done and just move forward with my goals of weight loss, debt repayments and over all better living. The spending ban has been demolished so I need to re-review that and start again but to start with here is the updated debt picture. 

1. Natwest 1 - Was £5000                         - Now £2160
2. Natwest 2 - Was £5026                         - Now £1680
3. Barclay Card - Was £10000                  - Now £3910
4. Capital One Littlewoods - Was £990     - Now £940
5. Capital One Shelly - Was £1100           - Now £250
6. Capital One 2 - Was £630                     - Now £580 
7. Amigo Loans - Was £3000                    - Now £2420
8. Very - Was £460                                    - Now £180

Total Debt - £12120 (Paid off 55% of our £27,000 starting figure) 
So despite the bad month £1960.76 since my last update in November, mostly due to paying an extra £800 this month! 

My goal is to be debt free by the end of this year, we have a settlement agreement for the Barclay card so that will be gone in March taking us under £8000 by March, it's a really long shot but there's no harm aiming for it!